Newbie question


How often are lab tests done to check on electrolytes, etc.? Does the patient have to go to the lab or clinic? Or can a lab tech come to the house?


Normaly when you are on dialysis, the electrolytes are checked on your monthly lab draw. If for some reason the results are off, they may check more often. It can also depend on many things such as:

Change in your illness and type of illness you have
Changes in medication
If you are having any issues that require attention

They can be drawn at clinic, in the lab or even at home if you are on hemo dialysis. I have never heard of anyone coming to the house to draw labs.
You should discuss this with your Doctor. They should be able to answer for you.



Lab test may depend on your current health situation, but as far as I can remember it was done on a monthly basis when a close relative need to undergo dialysis. Tests are usually done in laboratory clinic, it’s very rare that a lab tech would do home service.