News from the Annual Dialysis Conference - Seattle, Mar. 2010

Hi y’all,

I spent most of last week at the ADC, which was in Seattle for the 50th anniversary of the first chronic dialysis treatments. Here are some interesting things I learned about HD:
– Dr. Belding Scribner (who started doing chronic HD) had a genetic eye condition called keratoconus and had 4 corneal transplants during his lifetime. Because of this, he decided to go into research instead of patient care. (The rest is history!)
– In Japan, 88% of women and 95% of men have fistulas for dialysis
– Dr. Rajiv Saran noted in a keynote address that slower blood flows = MORE FISTULAS. In countries (like Japan…) that do slower HD treatments, fistula rates are higher.
– Dr. Robert Lockridge said that a normal (healthy) GFR is 100-120. Standard in-center HD with a Kt/V of 1.1 = a GFR of 8. Even a Kt/V of 1.5 only means a GFR of 12–less than 10% of healthy.
– Dr. Chris Blagg reported that home hemo is coming to China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and Taiwan.
– The NxStage Nocturnal HD study is done and off to the FDA

Thanks so much Dori for posting this summary. I am interested in Dr. Blagg’s piece about home hemo coming to India. Do you have any more info - maybe a link to the presentation or any data that he might have presented?


No, I don’t, Kamal, but if he gets back to me re: my request to get a copy of a video of a very early dialysis treatment (narrated by Scribner himself!) to post here, I can ask him. :slight_smile:

Hi Dori,
Was there anything new on the results of the NxStage Nocturnal HD study or on nocturnal txs using NxStage?

Nope, not yet, but hopefully we’ll be seeing some of those data soon. There were some great abstracts from the FREEDOM study! Significant improvements in sleep quality, less daytime sleepiness, and less restless legs syndrome. (

Dr. Blagg says, “there is growing interest in providing home HD in a number of Asian countries including India, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan but this is just the early stages.” :slight_smile: