No Drain, surgery required

Hello everyone

On Thursday March 5, I was admited to the hospital, because my catheter would not drain. After X-rays, it was discovered that I had developed scar tissue on my catheter. This meant that it was like a door, fluid could in, but it would close after it filled. I was unable to dialyse for almost one week. I was carrying around about ten pounds of fluid. I have to do hemo for three to four week or until I heal from the surgery, then I could start PD again. They had to insert a acess in my neck so I could start hemo. I went for surgery, two day after to have the scar tissue removed and my catheter was repositioned. I stayed in the hospital for a week and day for recovery.

Hi Llarkin,

I’m sorry to hear that you ran into a snag with PD–that’s a lot to go through. Is there a reason why they didn’t have you do low-volume, recumbant-only (LVRO) PD while you were recovering from having your catheter repositioned? ( Sometimes doctors don’t know that this is an option, but it can be less disruptive than having a hemo catheter placed and doing in-center HD. I hope that your repositioned catheter does the trick for you.