No Draining

I am so filled with fluid and feel totally crappy. I have had no problems being on Pd, however Monday my machine alarms slow drain. I had just had my tube replaced after six months. Tried standing and moving around to get it going, but no luck… It filled after a couple of slow flow, Now I have about 2000ml fluid in my stomach and it won’t drain out.

I tried manually drain and nothing happened. I’m not constipation and ruled that out,
I never had a problem before draining until my PD nurse change the tubing. I went on Tuesday to have it exchange, but no luck. Still will not drain. Tried heparin, but there was no fibrin and my fluids are clear. I went for xray yesterday and have an appointment with the Kidney Doc today. My stomach and side hurts so bad. Any advice I’m all EARS, I NEED TO GET THIS FLUID OUT!!!1

We are not physicians and it’s good that you’re to see your kidney doctor today. You might want to look at this thread:

After you see your doctor, please let us know what you learn and what he/she recommends.

HI I am actually going through the exact same thing… I fill can’t drain and having bad pain…It turns out my catheter moved upward and is up near my breastpone instead of down by pelvis My pain is all on the one side and gets severe… Have you had the test done where they put the dye in the catheter ?? that is how we found out what was wrong with mine… The other thing that was mentioned to me is the omentum (sp) it is a fatty tissue that clogs the opening of the catheter that can be cut away…Best of luck to you I am suffering with you. I hate going to the clinic for dialysis and have become spoiled by pd