No pee

hey this is a somewhat personal subject but have anyone notice since you have stopped urinating that you have semen leaking from your penis?

Lol, this is waYYyy too personal…hehe but no not here…I guess the only solution to that problem is to get a VeRry special surgery or just deal with it… :roll:

I can sort of relate to that one also

In all my years of working in dialysis, I’ve never heard a male patient mention this and they’ve talked with me about other sexual issues so I would have expected to hear it at least once. I would make sure that your doctor knows about this symptom so he/she can make sure that it’s not pus instead of semen.

It could be some sort of an infection and instead of seamen it is puss. You’d better get it check out.

My husband has the same problem. It has been like for ages since he hasn’t been able to pee for over 3 years. If it was pus then I would think you would some type of pain in your penis or in your bladder. My husband hasn’t worried about it, just give it a little wipe when necessary… :slight_smile:

cheers Queenie.

I would strongly suggest getting the discharge checked out for whether it contains bacteria. I’d hate for it to get worse or for you to get an infection because he didn’t think it was important.

Hate to say this but, now that there’s no urine circulating there’s no automated cleaning from residual s p e r m …hehe…you now gotta deal with it dripping all the time! :oops: