No Pull from Arterial

I’m on the NXSTAGE machine, been since December (wow, almost a year!)

Anywho - I just had a new catheter put in last month, Friday’s treatment I had really low Venous and Effluent pressures, although it didn’t alarm. And today, when I went to get on the machine, I had no pull from the arterial side.

Paged the nurse, who suggested I wait til Monday, and they’ll try to put activase in. I have a feeling my radiologist is going to want to swap this cath with yet another though. :frowning:

Is there anything I can do in the meantime, besides of course watching my fluids. Do you think if I tried again tomorrow, by a miracle, I’d get a pull?

I rather doubt that you would get a pull but did you try reversing the lines?

No, I didnt try to reverse the lines because I didn’t get any pull in the beginning, when pulling the heparin out from the previous day. So technically, I was never even able to hook myself up.

Hopefully the activase will work tomorrow, and if not, I just hope that my preferred radiologist is in tomorrow, considering its a holiday.

My reply was a little stupid I engaged my mouth before my brain. Good Luck to you. Your not alone … Dad just got a new catheter about 2 months ago and it’s not perfect. What type of catheter do you have?