Nocturnal Dialysis

Hello to All!.. :?: I am an Autosominal Dominant PKD patient. I have been waiting literally 25 years to hear that I would need to start dialysis. Three weeks ago, I heard just that from my doctor. My creatinine is 6.3 at this point. I’ve been investigating a transplant, but my daughter and son have both been diagnosed with ADPKD. My husband, a heart patient, does not qualify as a donor. I’d REALLY like to go on home nocturnal dialysis, but Rogosin Kidney Center in NYC appears to be the only center offerring that program. Does anyone know of any program on Long Island…hopefully the east end of Long Island?

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As far as a nocturnal home hemo center, it’s important to note that a home dialysis clinic doesn’t have to be very close by, because after you complete training (2-6 weeks, depending on which equipment they offer), you only have to check in with them once a month. So a clinic can be as far away as you’re willing to go once a month. If you’ve found one in your same town, that’s probably the best you can expect to do. You can search for a clinic right on this site using the “Find a Center” database.

Another way to look for a clinic is on our coverage maps, which show clinic sites with a 120-mile radius around each one (roughly a 2-hour drive). Sometimes the closest clinic is in another state, and these maps will show you where to look in the database. You can find the coverage map for nocturnal home hemo under the description of nocturnal home hemo (on the home page, look under “Types of dialysis”; on that page, look for “See U.S. NHHD Centers”.

Port Washington Dialysis will be opening their Nocturnal program in June. (516) 484-3460.