Nocturnal-hair growth

Does nocturnal offer any improvements on hair thickness/growth?

Hi Jane

I know your for real, but I have to LOL on this one… I can just see the rush of bald men/women running to get on dialysis…

But to be honest, I would have to say no. I could understand in theory if one rids the body of toxins hair growth might be induced.

Bob O’Brien

As someone who’s mom gave him Rogain in his stocking (thanks mom but I am going to try to go bald gracefully and feel fortunate that I am living long enough for it to happen) I don’t think hair growth is an issue.

But then again who knows? I could be totally bald by now if I had stayed incenter.

My vote is NO on this one. Since going nocturnal, I have increased my heparin from .5 on short daily to 3.5 on nocturnal. Once again, my hair is falling out and looks like hay. I hate it. Yes, I am glad to be alive but I honestly think this is a side effect that could be easily remedied if someone first, listened to us and then second, attempted to seek remedies. It’s unecessary and affects quality of life (for some). If I look sick, I tend to feel sick. Sick hair sends out a sick message to the world. What we send out we get back one way or the other. I have managed to stay fairly vibrant through a lot over the past several years. With hair loss from chemo, it was clearly understood how good I felt when I donned an attractive wig and went out into the world vs going out into the world with chemo-hair. The glances I got with an attractive wig were different glances then the ones I got with chemo-hair. I felt sick with chemo-hair. I felt vibrant and fun and strong with a good wig. Every little bit helps as far as I am concerned.