Nocturnal HD good or not?

Docs gave me a choice to carry on with HD daytimes 4 hours on mon / wed/ fri or switch to nightly 7 hours x 3 times per week.
Im told this is like having new kidney… Hmmmmmmm im not sure, i have low energy levels and no sex drive, zilch actually…
I just so want my energy back…
What do you think… Anyone out there i would appreciate some advice.
Thanks in advance :pray:

Some people do nocturnal HD in a clinic 3 nights a week. When patients do nocturnal HD at home, they often do it every other day or 4 or more nights a week. The more dialysis you get, the better you’re likely to fee and the more normally you can eat and drink. Here are some articles that you can read about nocturnal HD at home.

And the next 2 are blogs by patients who do nocturnal home HD.

Maddy Warren has been on dialysis as a result of FSGS for >20 years. She is from the UK and was the second patient in the UK to do nocturnal HHD. She has been living a full life on dialysis. Here’s a Zoom webinar with Maddy.