Nocturnal success at last!

Well they told me it would take around 3 months to get it all sorted and boy were they right! Lack of sleep, pressures, heparin pump probs, human errors etc etc
Last night I actually had 7 hours of sleep and there were no alarms apart from the one telling us that dialysis had ended which woke my husband and I up with a start. We both thought it must have been the wee small hours and something was wrong. What a great surprise!
We have both been so stressed by it all, I have had great difficulty getting comfortable and we both found it hard to relax enough to trust the machine possibly because I went straight into home training when I began dialysis… but finally it happened.
We were both very close to giving up on Nocturnal but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your success. I’ve heard from patients I’ve known that it does get easier and more “natural” as time goes by.

I can honestly say after doing 5 years of nocturnal dialysis with dad once dad is on the machine and we turn out the lights we just don’t give another thought to dialysis. We rarely have alarms.

Congratulations! Welcome to the great nights of sleep!
We too have been on nocturnal since June of 04. We very very rearly have alarms. Just be sure that the transducers are very tight! They were the one’s that gave us the most problems.
Just a hint. When I put hubby on I put an extra tape on the red line. This way when he needs to go to the bath room I do not have to undo everything. Just enough to get the saline needles on and the recerulator piece on the lines. Be sure that you keep hitting the button next to the AV and Venus pressures to open them up.
Than when it is time to reattach the lines-walah! I know which line is the “red” line.
Keep up the good work!