Noise Cancelling Hesdphones

Hi, I’m new to nocturnal home hemodialysis and having trouble sleeping, I find the noise difficult to ignore.

Has anyone had success with noise cancelling headphones.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

The problem with using noise cancelling ear phones is that you might not hear an alarm that could alert you to a problem that you need to correct.

Do you have a phone you can use to record the sound and play it for your home training nurse and/or the technical support staff who work with the company that made your machine? They could tell you if the noise is unusual indicating you need to have machine maintenance or change of machine.

If the sound is normal, it’s likely that over time you’ll get used to it. However, you might want to see if relaxing noise (waves, rain, thunderstorms, etc.) can cover the sound of the dialysis machine. Here’s a YouTube site that lasts for 10 hours.

Thanks so much for your input.

I never thought about not hearing alarms.

We’re using a NxStage System One and our Home Hemo Nurse spent all of last week with us in our home and she did not think it was louder than expected.

Last night was my third nocturnal run and I managed to sleep about three hours, so you may be right that over time it will improve. I used.a white noise generator and it blocks out the low end hum quite effectively.

I will try the nature sounds you recommended, maybe it will help with the high pitched oscillating sounds that the white noise doesn’t.

Thank You!

Please let me know if the nature sounds help. It’s no fun not being able to get a good night’s sleep and it can have health consequences. If it continues, you might want to ask your doctor what else might help.