Not enough acidity

I have had a problem where I get heart burn once or twice a day. I originally thought it was due to having too much acid build-up. But I skimmed an article recently that stated that dialysis patients often suffer from too little acid. Sorry I can’t be more specific at the moment as I will have to go back and find it again…

I reported the problem to my team and they said just take a Tums or similar product. I’ll be asking them about it again, because I really didn’t get a good answer the day it was discussed as we discussed a number of other issues that were more important at the time.

Does anyone know anything about this condition, and if so, what foods affect it and what remedies are recommended? I always prefer the natural approach. Think I read somewhere that popping Tums or other antacids is not a good idea.

Hi Folks

Hey Jane

I can’t tell anymore about the condition, other than I to get it from time to time. Not as often as you do , but when it hits I just a store brand . Out of seven day week I get maybe three days and I have no real food that triggers it, I thought fry food , but after paying real close to it , turns out it happens.

Bob Obrien

Hi Jane

That does sound interesting and I would love to know if you find out more.
I occasionally get this usually after an evening meal and after I lie down at the start of a Nocturnal run.It can be quite uncomfortable I put it down to having a meal with tomato (or something equally acidic) in it but maybe that’s not it…


Does this article on gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) describe the symptoms that you feel? If so, there are foods that can make it worse (listed) and certain things you can do to help reduce the symptoms. LThe article mentions antacids. Before taking any over-the-counter ones, ask your doctor. Some contain magnesium or aluminum which can build up in your body and to toxic levels when you have kidney failure. I’d talk with your doctor about your symptoms. You may need to see a GI specialist.