Nov. 20th Colorado Standards of Care Meeting

We have canceled a meeting for November 20th along with Front Range Kidney Patient Association (an organization of which I also belong) with guest speaker Colorado State Representative John Kefalas. Possible Standards of Care were to be discussed along with how to improve care for dialysis patients.




I apologize for these on-again off-again meetings, but I got a message from Front Range Kidney Patients Association and it looks like nobody is able to show. So rather than waste Rep. Kefalas’s time, we have to decided to cancel. I’ve talked to Rep. Kefalas and Della from DialysisEthics; we believe it would be better to wait for the regularly scheduled meeting of Front Range Kidney Patients Association in January.

There was hope something could get started before the next Colorado legislative, but we are now wondering if it would be better to wait until the Colorado 2013 session. But we will continue to talk to Rep. Kefalas and see if there is any state bill or legislative action possible at the beginning of this next year.