Num tx question for SHD patients

I was wondering what the treatment cycle is for everyone doing Short Home Daily (not nocturnal, or in-center).

My tx cycle is 5 days a week, 2.5 hours each. I take Wed and Sun off.

Just curious.

What time of day do you normally run?
I was doing three hours F-Su and then two hours M-W taking Thursday off; trying to get on around 7pm on the three hour days and 8pm on the two hour days. I did this in August but by October I saw a decrease in hemoglobin and started back on epo. I started back to 3 hour runs taking three days off every two weeks, different days depending on my schedule. Now the Expo is over I’m going back to three hour runs six days a week, taking Thursday off. Trying to get on around 7pm.

I am on a 5 tx/wk cycle right now. All of my txs are 150 minutes.

I don’t have a set schedule as far as exactly what days and what times I dialyze, it really varies for me depending on what else is going on that week, but I try not to take my 2 days off back-to-back. If I have to take both my days off at the same time, I don’t feel that great (as I am sure you can remember after a weekend on in-center). The days and times that I do my txs on vary greatly from one week to the next.

The schedule that I start each week with takes Wed and Sun off. My treatment times would all be in the late-afternoon if the world were a perfect place, around 3:00pm. In reality they are sometimes in the late morning, sometimes afternoon, sometimes at night.

I am fairly new to Short Daily, so I am still in the process of finding what works well for me.

I haven’t done 6 days/wk like you do. I was hoping to avoid that since each tx eats up so much time. I’ll know if my schedule is working out good for me, or not, after I have been doing it longer.

Doing 6x a week here at 2.5 …well, they recommend 2.5 but I sometimes do only 2.0 …

OK. So I’ve got

  • myself: 5/wk, 2.5 hrs each
  • Bill: 6/wk, 3 hrs each
  • Gus: 6/wk, 2.5 hrs each

Anyone else care to let me know your tx frequency on Short Daily Hemo?

Eston Burciaga

Mine was 6 times per week 2 hours per tx when I was doing short daily for over 3 months.

Thanks Pierre.

So that makes:

  • myself: 5/wk, 2.5 hrs each
  • Bill: 6/wk, 3 hrs each
  • Gus: 6/wk, 2.5 hrs each
  • Pierre: 6/wk, 2 hrs each

So far, with the limited responses I have received on this question, it looks like 6/wk is the norm with the tx time varying by person.

Anyone else? I know there are more than 4 people reading this forum that do short daily.

Come on - please give me some more data! I am really curious about the differences in people’s tx frequency.