NX Stage

Is the NX Stage just as easy as it sounds? Can you do it in your living room watching TV? Are most people just on for 2 hours? It seems too good to be true that you can do it at home.

I can say it is easy, but to be honest any home dialysis is some work. I can dialyze pretty much in any room, but I think you would usually use the same room and move only for certain reasons. If you have a totally flat home and can wheel the machine easily from room to room then it wouldn’t matter except for getting the dialysate near the machine. My house is one story but has step downs so moving the machine will be a bit tricky because it does weigh 70 pounds.

My primary reason for switching to the NxStage is the portability and the ability to travel. This is not important to some people and most people can easily dialyze in center if they travel as Bill P does. That wasn’t a good option for me, so I switched.

I run about 3 hours a day, I think most run between 2.25 and 3 hours per day depending on size and prescription. Feeling better and solving my b/p and heart rate problems was an added plus, but I didn’t change to try to feel better I switched to get the portability.

There are actually quite a few machines that you can use at home, people here talk primarily about the Fresenius, NxStage and Aksys.


Anyone know what page the picture is of Gus on the NxStage Machine? I have tried to find it again and can’t.

Heres his web page address: www.dailyhemo.org

Laughing out loud!

You really want to see the little man Gus?.. :shock:

Well, here you go…I hope to see pics of all of you as well!

Training Session at WellBound Modesto…November 2004

First Day at Home…November 24

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Thanx Gus - it was great to click on the home pic. & see a ‘real’ NxStage and its compact size on a human scale! :slight_smile:
I have a few reservations on the dx time (6 x >3 ? = only >18 hours a week, where I’m getting over 30) but from a portability point of view, I’m thinking "When do I get one; when do I book a flight somewhere!? :smiley: )

Gus, you are one cool dude! Thanks for putting up the pics… You are a terrific character that makes this site so special.

Cheers. 8) 8)

Thanks Gus, Got some patients here who I can’t convince that when I am talking home dialysis; I am not talking PD. Your pic ought to prove my point.

Marty, can we see your pictures on dialysis? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you look under patients stories, you will see a picture of my dad. I’m just his dialysis tech.

You say what!!! Just a dialysis tech? That means nada? Where’s a pic of both of you side by side on dialysis with a smile? :roll: …your his daughter!!

Someday here in the future, I’ll see if I can’t accomplish that.