Nxstage 502 communication error

We recently started home hemo-dialysis . We haven’t even done 5 treatments. Today we turned on the machine to start priming. It showed a 502 ERROR. Call NXStage and they ordered a replacement cycler. Is this common? Does this machine breakdown?

We indent to travel outside the united states but breaking down NXStage machine doesn’t give us much confidence.

Does any one know exact reason for a 502 error?

Dialysis equipment does occasionally need replacement. The good news is that when replacement is needed, it can be done quickly.

So far as error codes, I hope your training nurse gave you a list of common error codes. Many patients say it’s easier to call NxStage technical support rather than trying to look up the code. From the NxStage website, here’s how to do that:

If you are a current patient or care partner* and have a question for Technical Support or Customer Services please call 1-866-NxSTAGE (697-8243) and select:

  • Option 1 for Technical Support
  • Option 2 for Customer Service
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according to the NxStage System One user guide, you need to turn off the machine wait one minute then turn it back on. If you continue to get an alarm over “99” you will need to call NxStage technical help. We have just celebrated 4 years of home hemodialysis and our machine has been replaced twice. It usually arrives the next day. You could probably request a user guide, it has a whole chapter on codes and troubleshooting. The manual is very comprehensive and helpful. I hope this helpful. Suellen

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