NxStage and alarms

For those on NxStage, are alarms infrequent and are you fully trained in how to handle any alarm that comes up?

No one replied to this question. I would be very interested to know how well prepared you feel to handle alarms? Are they easy to handle once you are trained or does the manual walk you through it? Or do you find that you must call technical support to get out of a jam?

Heather. Just finished our first month st home with the Nx after four weeks of training in the clinic. Training was 4.0 and alarms are just part of the show and you learn to handle them. The clinic was always available via phone as we only use store hours for dialysis. Nx tec support has been difficult to reach this past week for some reason, requiring 10-12 rings to hear a pick-up recording but my questions were always answered after much effort at playing phone tag. Hope this of some help. John M