NxStage and Monitoring

Just got back from clinic visit and thought this was interesting. They are now trying 1 patient on the NxStage doing nocturnal treatments and being monitored. I was glad I got a chance to see the machine that made the dialysate.
I think the end results will be nocturnal patients will have the choice of NxStage and patients who couldn’t do home hemo because of no partner will now have 1 available through the NxStage Monitoring.
It appears as though NxStage is going to cover all the bases when it comes to home dialysis.
I think there are still some desires left in the monitoring system but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Everyone was to busy to get specifics from but I’m going to be following this as close as I can.
One interesting question will be … will nocturnal treatment on the NxStage eliminate the need for phos binders?

Impressive report here! :smiley: …as for Phos binders you might want to ask leafsunbear who’s currently doing Nocturnal on NxStage System One…

Interesting. When I called NxStage a couple of days ago the operator who took my message seemed horrified that I would even consider running a machine at night. It sounds like the left hand needs to talk to the right hand. I am glad to hear NxStage can be rigged up do remote monitoring. Can you be more specific about what limitations there are to monitoring?

At this time I really can’t be more specific but I believe Pat C. is going to be training to do nocturnal on the NxStage as she mentioned in another post here. She will probably know more specifics on limits. The only thing I heard was the system only monitored 4 people at a time and I think they are looking for something much bigger than that. If I do get tidbits of information I’ll post and maybe Pat can help fill us in on what she knows. I’m not sure anyone can really give all the specifics yet as this is new and I think everyone is waiting to see what the limits are going to be.

Hi Marty and all,
Yes we are the next one’s to get Nxstage Noctournal !!! Hooray!!
We don’t have a date yet but I believe it will be in the next couple of weeks. We will probabllly be making dialyisate daily. Ralph is a large person at 121K and They are thinking we may need to use about 50l. a night. Won’t know specifics until we get into the program. It is my understanding that the other person and us will be the only ones on for a while until we have been on for a few months and they see how we do.
The reason only the two of us is that the software needs some working on for monitoring. The screens that the ladies will use are window based and trying to monitor those screens and the screens that they already monitoring will be a bit much. Nxstage is willing to work on the software as soon as we (all of us) are comfortable wiith what we have now.
I will do my best to keep you all informed.
I will also keep you informed about all of his labs especially the phos.
Can you tell we are excited!!! The time that will be saved in cleaning that RO is incredible (5hrs). Not to mention making bicarb!

As soon as we get a day I will let you all know. They said we will probably take a week to learn it.

Dex, I know that the ladies now monitor BP, flow rates, Arterial and Venus pressure, BVP and times. With the Nxstage I believe all will be available but BP. Don’t quote me. I will know more when we start the program.
I believe we are a pilot program for nocturnal/monitoring. I also know that there are not many others on nocturnal.