NxStage and travel

I’ve heard how one can travel with NxStage, but do hotel rooms qualify as environments where NxStage can be used? They are not the cleanest places in the world, but neither are some dialysis units. Can’t say I would be comfortable doing dialysis in hotel.

Hi Jane,

PD patients travel and do dialysis in hotel rooms, and those treatments are [/i]much[/i] more fraught with peril, since the peritoneum is open to the air for a few seconds during an exchange…

The only real point of infection in hemodialysis is the needle insertion–which you can be extremely clean and careful with, regardless of the cleanliness of the room.

What would be your concern?

Everything is dirty, though you may look clean we’re all dirty! :roll:

Proper sterilization practices and cleaning the surface before inserting the buttonholes or needles is the key to a quality treatment…regardless whether your in the middle of the desert, Grand Canyon, or even in a blizzard… :stuck_out_tongue: