Nxstage code 11

Hi,new here I’m Angela my husband is doing hhd Nxstage machine and got code 11 so called in treatment # they didn’t called me back and had to en treatment that happened last week , called the access catheter Dr and had a cath exchange but when got home and tried to do treatment we have the same alarm by then our center nurse where called and come next day and she had the same code 11 so reversed lines and finally able to finish treatment but as today He only had 2 on one week and have to cancel again due the same code 11 the only thing we denotes is that the pod gets empty and red 22 comes after that means is clothing ,I’m very frustrated bcs He is not able to have dialysis beside feel good eating and drinking normally He peeing normal and his kidneys on June 9 (last labs ) shows at 15% , can someone tell me what can I expect if having another catheter access or wait until fístula can be used? Thanks

Hi Angela. That sounds frustrating! If you keep getting the same code, call NxStage and keep trying until you get someone to answer. They are supposed to be there 24/7, and certainly during the hours your husband would be dialyzing if you are new at home and not doing nocturnal treatments. There is also a NxStage alarm app–for Android, not iPhone–that you can download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alarms.app&hl=en&gl=US.

I’m kind of surprised to hear that your husband has started dialysis with 15% function. Usually dialysis does not start until function falls into about the 6-9% range. Was he having a lot of symptoms? Symptoms matter more than numbers. At any rate, this is a question for his nephrologist–along with why do his catheters keep clotting?

If you are on Facebook, it might really help you to join our Home Dialysis Central Facebook Discussion group. LOTS of folks have been in your shoes and can help you sort out the alarms.

Hang in there! It is normal to hit some snags at first, but this WILL get better.

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I found this 7 minute troubleshooting video on the NxStage site that might provide some tips to help you resolve the alarms you’re getting. One thing that it mentions is to push the STOP button after using the on-screen instructions to resolve the alarm and before pressing the START button. I’m not on dialysis, but I’m not sure I would have known to do that. As Dori said, NxStage technical support should be able to help you. In addition, NxStage has clinical nurses and patients you can talk with. Also, as Dori said, the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group has lots of people who are using this machine for home HD. They’re very active and supportive people.

Dori_Shatell yes we are pretty new to HHD started at home on April and everything was fine until the issue with alarm 11 , my husband started at 11% of kidney function when come back on January from out of country travel feel very tired , stomach upset all the time and no appetite so … dialysis had to start​:weary: on June 9 we went to Emory Atlanta for transplant evaluation and the blood work shows 15% of function He have polycystic kidneys .Thanks a lot for your response I will call Nxstage today if have to reverse lines again , yesterday called about center nurse and He runs on reversed limes the entire treatment :pensive:

Thank you!! I’ve joined this group on Facebook and found it very helpful as this group is helping a lot!!

Sorry for your problems. I have been on PD dialysis for 2 years with Davita and we have had absolutely NO problems if we had to contact Davita. Also our Davita center has a nurse on call 27/7 so we feel blessed. We live in Arizona and work through Southwest Kidney and Davita.

Very Frustrating!

Take a good long look at Tablo by Outset Medical.

And to see a demo…it’s fantastic.

Tablo is an HD machine that was relatively recently FDA approved. For Medicare coverage, dialysis machines must be obtained through a dialysis clinic. If you’re interested in the Tablo, you could contact the company to find out what clinics they are working with to provide machines for patients’ home use.