NXStage Cost & Price

I’ve contacted NXstage, my boss has (who’s the chief Exec of a kidney charity) & my doc has. To try & find out a few basic figures with regards to the NXStage Machine. No reply. This is from the UK, so obviously no one (to my knowledge) has one. I am considering writing to them by airmail!
But if someone can answer some Q’s in the meantime, I would be greatful.


How much does it cost.

To purchase
To run in 6 months or a year.

I guess other figures or questions is ease of set up (reading about it, it seems to be reasonable)

I don’t believe NxStage is offered anywhere except for the US. I don’t know when or if they plan on going international.

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Hi y’all,

JW77, welcome to Home Dialysis Central. We’ve asked ourselves about the costs of the various machines, but probably since it depends on volume, lease length, etc., they’ve declined to tell us. As Gus said, in the U.S. people do not buy their own dialysis machines. Medicare pays a dialysis center to provide treatments, and it is the center’s responsibility to provide the machine and training.

NxStage is only available in the U.S. at this point, and it may be quite some time before it goes overseas, though I suspect they’ll be glad to know there’s demand.

Hi JW77
I have written to Nxstage several times to see whether they are exporting any time soon. The answer was simply no! Not giving up though. One of those companies is bound to make the move sooner or later. Let’s hope its sooner.
Cheers 8)

NxStage has certainly been outside of the US for testing related to its various trials. It was tested in at least 3 different studies right here at the hospital where I dialyzed. I wasn’t involved in the trials though.

Thanks for the replies, I guess I will have to keep nagging NXstage until I get some answers…

I would guess that it’s a similar price to a any machine. Just have to keep searching for a real answer.

People don’t purchase their own machines here, (or to my knowledge there isn’t a ‘dialysis machines 4 us’) yet!!

What usually happens is the ‘trust’ that is a group of more than on hospitals which are part of the National Health Service, do the purchasing… who decides which machines gets used I would imagine is the cost, & the sweet talk of reps!
Then a contract is signed between a compny & the trust.

There are smaller, private units which are basically just that, space & machines on ‘purchase’ if you will, plus staff employed.
Fresinius seem to have units spread across the country…!

Various units are private, set up by charity or rich funding…
I’m currently dialysisng in a Fresenius private unit as my hospital is full up & needs my usual spot for more acute patients.!! Who shouldn’t be there in the first place!! I’m not happy about it but there’s not a lot I can do…
Haemodialysis in the UK is in a critical situation.
Not good… err… sorry if I’ve gone off topic!