Nxstage Dialysis

Wondering if anyone here is using the Nxstage Dialysis machine as I am looking at possibly using this for home dialysis… need pros and cons please?

Hi Sugar2Spice, and welcome. There are LOTS of folks who use NxStage. But, these days, you are more likely to find them on our Facebook page! If you are on Facebook, please join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/122326728212/.

Sugar2Spice: I have been on the Facebook sight and it is great.
I also looked into the NxStage and have let the TOPs nurse know and the doctor.
Both have supported this HD at home and are ready to spend about 4-6 weeks
to train me. Also, on the TOPs web site there is an article on how button holes are
made so there is less pain and you are in control of your treatment. Keep reading
and asking questions. That is what I did.

So I have a question… Has anyone compared the NxStage machines to the Fresenius 2008K In-Home model? I am comparing the products and looking to begin a pilot program with a few eligible patients who really are excited about In-Home therapy. Also…are you folks insured by your employer insurance or Medicaid/Medicare programs? Reimbursement is a real CHALLENGE (to say the least)…as this is still not very popular here in the US. Thanks so much for any insight!