NXstage machine


Has anyone found an adjustable height cart with wheels that could be used inside for the machine and then wheeled outside to the patients car, height raised or lowered to appropriate trunk height and then they could just slide the machine in without actually lifting?


No expert in this at all, but from an experienced patient point of view Iā€™d be looking at medical lifts of some sort, or some sort of trolly with lift on it. The sort of thing you might find in a builders merchant??

Just an idea.


This trolley comes in handy if you are doing something in one room, or have visitors, and time is passing by, and you dialysis equipment is in another room.
This trolley overcomes this issue, due to its mobility. The only other addition required is an extension cord that has enough length to travel between both locations. Supply and drain bags can easily be placed on the lower shelves.

The cost for the trolley was $100.00 delivered to the door. Assembly took about 30mins. A wooden mallet or some thing similar (a length of 4ā€ x 2ā€) was necessary to tap the riser poles (silver) to the home position , to have then sitting flush.