NxStage Training in Westwood, NJ

Well, I have been reading here for over a year. My husband is on center dialysis at this time - we’ve come to call the clinic “Heaven’s Waiting Room”. We had gotten an acceptance into home training last year and then hubby’s other health issues put that on the back burner. 3 heart attacks, 2 cases of septicemia and 1 case of cellulitis later, he is finally stable. By going through and calling every center offering home dialysis training on the medicare list, I found the Lillian Booth Dialysis Clinic in Westwood, NJ. They are currently training on the Aksys, will start using NxStage in September of this year. We are signed up and ready to go! Thank you for giving me courage to continue in the search. Reading your posts has been invaluable, you gave me hope that things will be better… You are all in my prayers, please add us to yours–we’ll need it.
Pat Morello

In case you didn’t know it, Home Dialysis Central has a Find A Center database that you can access from the home page of this site or at http://homedialysis.org/v1/centers/search.php.

In the spring and summer of 2004 before Home Dialysis Central launched we asked the 5 largest dialysis providers for lists of their clinics that offered any type of home dialysis. For clinics that were not part of these 5 corporations, we called about 900 clinics using the Medicare Dialysis Facility Compare database. We did this to provide a database of clinics that were currently doing any type of home dialysis. We found that of the dialysis clinics listed by Medicare as offering home dialysis because they were certified to do it, about 25% no longer had home dialysis patients or the staff to train patients to do home dialysis. Being one of the people to make these calls, I think I can understand some of the frustration patients experience trying to find clinics offering home dialysis. Our goal was to save people like you time and limit frustration while providing an easy one-stop way to locate these clinics.

Lillian Booth is listed in our database as offerng CAPD, CCPD, conventional home hemodialysis, and daily home hemodialysis. Our biggest challenge is keeping our database up-to-date and we rely on clinics to let us know when they add or stop offering a service. You might want to remind the staff at Lillian Booth Dialysis about our website so they can check their listing for accurancy. They might want to consider a tax-deductible sponsored listing that could let other patients know more than a basic listing can about their home dialysis program. Some clinics include information about their program, its philosophy, what machine(s) are used for PD and home hemo, hours of operation, patient census, a picture, and more. Anyone can view a sample sponsored listing under Find A Center > Become a Sponsor.

Incidentally, this site could not exist without our wonderful sponsors. We appreciate each and every one of them.

Oh wow, hang in there and don’t give up! Best wishes to both of you and I hope everything goes well… my prayer intentions for this week will be focused for the best for both of you…good luck and don’t forget to check back with us with an update!