Nxstage Woes?

Does anyone have any information on the “financial problems” Nxstage is having? Is there any cause for current users to be concerned?

I don’t think we NxStage users should be worried. NxStage Medical has some amazing partnerships and backups and alot of support from their clients. The thing is NxStage is trying to eleminate over 50% of bagged dialysate shipments, that’s hurting their backbone, hehehe…

Anyway, the Pureflow Sl suppose to address that issue. They even started their construction of their new manufacturing plant in Fresnio, Zacatecas in Mexico just across the border South. By doing that they will cut the high manufacturing costs in the USA…mostly everything will made made over there.

I know it may be quite sad for people losing jobs here in the USA but I think some of those people will relocate to manage the manufacturing in Mexico and at the same time we still get to stay at home with our little NxStage cycler and Pureflow Sl…

What are your thoughts about this? In a home dialysis patient perspective view…how do you feel?

The people that watch these things say that the stock is a good buy. It is pretty well expected to increase in price.

While they are having cashflow problems, they are having 33%growth from quarter to quarter. When companies first start up, they are expected to lose money. The more people they have on their machine, the more units to pay for their fixed overhead costs and the closer they get to being profitable.

You can check out stock price information by googling nxtm. that is their stock symbol.