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One of my sites ihatedialysis.com was featured last month in the September issue of Nephrology News & Issues Here is a link: http://ihatedialysis.com/forum/index.php?topic=922.0 it was a 3 page story about the site and they interviewed me and a few of my members.

Well this time I was featured in the October 2006 issue of Nephrology News & Issues talking about my NxStage experience. I sure have come along way from when I first came here to homedialysis.org and was dead set against Daily Hemo. And now I love doing dialysis daily. Read the story and let me know what you think

In one word “excellent”. Your service to the dialysis community is appreciated.

Hey, Epoman, why don’t you tell folks where you found out about home dialysis and what made you change your mind after years of in-center treatments? :smiley:

Hehehe, you really ring a bell! :lol: …I remember the famous saying by Bill Halcomb…

Damn it GUS and your posts, you have me on a mission to get on this machine by my Birthday which is August.


Its great how HomeDialysis.org has changed peoples lives :smiley:

Will you be the next convert? :wink:

The next article I will, I promise. It’s to late for the CNN article but next time I will. :slight_smile:

We’d appreciate that, Epoman.

Also, to folks from this board who also post on the Ihatedialysis boards, please think about including Home Dialysis Central in your signature lines so those folks can find the info we have here.

I have two reasons too love your article first I am pd patient and you know that pd may not last forever I hope so because I do very well on it and love the freedom but my next stop will be home hemo and the nxstage will be the unit for me second I am a serious investor in the nxstage company I think this will be a good long term investment as they are on the right track to the future for dialysis patients so thanks for all the press and also giving us a way to maintain our freedom while we live with this disease .

Hi y’all,

Check out Bill Halcomb’s story–it’s this month’s featured one on our home page, at http://www.homedialysis.org. Thanks for sharing it, Bill!

[quote=Dori Schatell;11851]Hi y’all,

Check out Bill Halcomb’s story–it’s this month’s featured one on our home page, at http://www.homedialysis.org. Thanks for sharing it, Bill![/quote]

My gawd, after all these months now you decide to feature it! Its about time you did! I think Bill will be quite happy about this…

We interviewed Bill a while back, it just took some time to get a photo. :smiley:

Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed Dori, Sorry for the picture delay, I hate finding pictures of myself to give to media outlets as I have a bad self-image. That’s why I gave them a picture with Epokid and Epowife to distract people from my ugly mug.

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Hey guys, by the way check out a couple of my new sites:


You have a beautiful family, Bill. The photo was well worth waiting for. Love the Kidneyoogle site!

I think this is the latest.


It is, M-18, but I was sneakily trying to get folks to the home page. I think a lot of people bookmark the message boards and forget that we have tons of other content! We’re updating the site completely, and the new version will go live soon, and it will make everything easier to find.