October Webinar - Bundling & Home Dialysis

Hi y’all,

No point in our doing another webinar on this same topic, the same week! We suggest that you sign up for this one:

Homeward Bound
Can home dialysis survive in the bundled payment era?
With dialysis payment reform approaching, some concerns have been raised in the renal community about how home therapies will be reimbursed. Will the proposed "bundled"payment provide enough financial incentive for dialysis providers to offer home therapies? This hour-long Webinar will examine the value of home vs. in-center therapy, how to set up and manage such programs, and how Medicare plans to compensate providers.

Moderator: Mark Neumann, Executive Editor, Nephrology News & Issues
Register here: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=163461&sessionid=1&key=4D585F81AF824DAA35EBF455BB2A8284&sourcepage=register

Hi y’all,

Here’s an update – now we know the speakers!


• What patients say about modality choice – John Moran, MB, BS, FRACP, FASN, Senior VP Clinical Affairs, at Satellite WellBound

• Setting up a program – Stacy Cigliana, RN, CNN, Renal Advantage

• Reimbursement: how will the bundle affect home dialysis?
HHD: Linda Upchurch, NxStage Medical,
PD: Joseph Pulliam, MD, Fresenius Medical Care

• How can home dialysis grow? – Bill Peckham, Northwest Kidney Center

Moderator: Mark Neumann, Executive Editor, Nephrology News & Issues

Hi Dori,
The sign up for this asks for co and co address. Would this be ones clinic? And what is the date and time of this webinar? Also you mention there is another webinar on this topic the same week. What are you referring to?

Hi Jane,

I think most people who are signing up for this webinar are professionals, not patients. So, yes, go ahead and use your clinic if that field is required. Sorry about the date/time thing–major failure of journalism to miss the Who-What-When-Where-Why, but then, I’m not a journalist. :slight_smile:

Here’s the info:
Date: Wednesday, October 21
Time: 3pm Eastern (2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific)

There isn’t another webinar on this topic the same week–we were GOING to do one the same evening and decided that would be kind of silly when there already was one on the same topic, with a speaker we would have wanted to have.

Thanks for filling in the missing details Dori. Leave it to me to be Miss Observant.

Somebody has to keep us honest!