Oh No! Hospitalized!

Our little 32 year old mentally disabled man is in the hospital! He has Pancreatitis and the PD has left his Bun & Creat. high and the nurse said that PD patients can be suscepatable to Pancreatitis. Why is this? What causes PD to inflame the Pancreas? She said this situation can be VERY serious for him! I hope she does not mean he may die!! He has only been on PD for less than 1 month. He was on HD for almost 11 years.
Who can elaborate? He did not even seem ill today.

I’m so sorry to hear that Bob is in the hospital. Pancreatitis can be very painful, and I hope he gets better quickly.

I looked in the published medical literature to see if I could find anything linking PD with pancreatitis. There was an article published in 1992 that concluded that the rate of pancreatitis in people on PD was 0.9%–and the rate in people on hemo was 1.7% (almost double). (Gupta A, Yuan ZY, Balaskas EV, Khanna R, Oreopoulos DG. Perit Dial Int. 1992;12(3):309-16. CAPD and pancreatitis: no connection.)

Other articles reported using PD to treat pancreatitis.

So, it sounds as if pancreatitis may be more a side effect of kidney failure than of dialysis, and more likely to occur with hemo than with PD. Still, a 0.9% rate still does mean that some people will get it, and Bob was unlucky this time. We’ll be thinking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Thanks! He did not seem sickly at all yesterday, the nurses commented on that too, perhaps we caught it early. He was not even running a fever! Interesting info. you found. He did have it bad Jan. of 04 for the first time but he was on a pill they took off the market beacuse it was causing Pancreitis…he has not had an episode since. Also his BUN and Creat. are up so hopefully they can get the #'s down in the hosp. and tweak the PD prescription for home. He has not even been on PD a month.
Will keep this forum posted. Again thanks for the prayers! He is a fighter!

Bizzare: The Dr. called and said she sees no sign of Pancreatitis and our man can come home tomorrow. This is excellent news but very confusing for us.
Cfourhorses :roll: