On the road with a PD exchange due

I expect to be on PD later this year. Doing exchanges at home or in a motel room is a no-brainer…but what if it is time for an exchange and I am driving down the freeway past restaurants, motels, gas stations, etc. I want a clean, sanitary, well-lit space with a floor drain or toilet. What do current PD users do?

I have known patients who did manual PD exchanges in their car. Some did their exchange in their car in a parking lot at work rather than doing in it the bathroom where someone might come in an potentially contaminate their catheter. They told me they would close all windows/doors, turn off the heat or AC, and perform hand hygiene using alcohol-based hand gel prior to following the CAPD exchange procedure. Talk with the home training nurse about what he/she would suggest.

Thanks, Beth. I will keep that in mind.