Optimal home dialysis email signature/slogan and vibrant poster child - any ideas?

I would like to come up with an email signature that would add to optimal dialysis awareness. I would consider anything from catchy slogans to strong informational links as part of the signature. I think it would be great if we all would adopt one or two
email signatures/slogans for ourselves as advocates for optimal dialysis with the anticipation that it would spread. It would also help to have an active, vibrant ‘poster child’ for optimal dialysis.

Any ideas?

Wendy, I think that is a great idea in general. It does not necessarily have to be a universal symbol. Brian Riddle placed my logo on the NxStageUsers for a link to my website and I took that for my own email logo that I now use on almost all of my email, unless it is to a repetative person that would just get in the way of the conversation, I often in that situation simply go without an email signature.

But I do like the idea of gaining a symbol of optimal dialysis much like we have a fistula first symbol etc. I know Kaiser had a program several years ago started I believe by Peter Crooks, MD a real dialysis advocate called Home First, but through administrative moves, it never really caught on. I believe that would be a good slogan, but I don’t have the talent to make that into a symbol, but it is a good slogan.

God bless, and it is snowing in “sunny southern CA”

I suggested Mend the Gap after hearing Dori’s comments at the CMS PPS Townhall

This only would make sense if you had ridden the London subway.


Here’s something I threw together. Maybe a start. I don’t know how to post just the image and not the entire web page. Sorry.