Organizing NxStage System1 Cartridge Blood and Saline Lines

I’ve been an HHD patient using the NxStage System1 cycler for the past 2-1/2 years. During that time, I have been experimenting with different ways of organizing the cycler cartridge blood and saline lines to prevent tangles and kinks to give me greater freedom of movement with my access arm and overall during both daily and nocturnal treatments.

I have finally developed an “engineered” solution, which employs a series of up to 4 ea. blood and saline line guides, which secure the lines via snap in clips on each guide. Attachment at the start of treatment and removal at the end of treatment is quick and easy. The guides keep the lines in a single bundle and parallel to one another, giving me the maximum amount of freedom of movement and virtually no risk of line tangles and kinks that can produce cycler alarms.

I have been using a series of three Velcro elastic arm bands to route my blood tube and blood lines up along my access arm to just below the shoulder and across my chest. Along with the blood/saline line guides I can move around and can move my access arm around with almost the same freedom when not connected to the cycler.

If you would like to be more active during your HHD treatments but cannot because of blood and saline tangle issues, you may want to try my solution.

Contact me via the reply feature of Forum Thread if you would like to act as a “test” patient. I will send you a short presentation detailing the line guides and their use. If you are still interested, I will send you a kit of line guides. All I ask is that you provide me with feedback on your experience with the use of the line guides.

Very cool, Stumpr. Would you want to share a photo? You might also think about joining our Facebook group, which you can find at:

I’ve attached a photo of the blood and saline line guides in place during a short daily treatment

Thanks for sharing stumpr…this is surly help for others