Other boards that you have

Hi Beth and Dori

I’ve been wanted to ask this ,but on your other sites HD PRO, PD PRO,

You don’t seem to get that many post, is that on the pro’s knowing everything and thinking they can’t get answers from your team?

You don’t seem to get many people who work in dialysis posting on HD for consumers. Do you think they just look in and get information, on dialysis and maybe get people names?

And while we at why do you think that more people don’t join, if worker doctor and consumer


Beats me, Bobeleanor. There are about 26,000 US dialyzors using CAPD and CCPD, and an estimated 1,900 using home hemo (USRDS 2006 ADR)–so, more than 10 times as many PD as home HD dialyzors. I can’t imagine why those boards aren’t far more active than this one, and we’d very much like to see growth in that area.

As far as professionals, they have other sources of information and support through professional organizations, employers, journals, etc.