Pain during Drain

I have started PD a month ago. I do CCPD for 8.5 hours, 8 cycles. Ive been doing fine so far but the past two days ive had some trouble. Draining has been fine and uncomfortable but i can sleep through it. The new pain is different. The 1st and 2nd cycles are fine but when i get to by 3rd cycle, during the draining process, my right side tends to hurt. I have my Port on the left side and a transplanted kidney on my right side. The pain feels like im being stabbed. Like the kind of pain you feel after running miles; your side hurts. Im not exactly sure if its my side or if its the kidney that is hurting. All i know is that it hurts during the draining process. I plan on talking with my kidney nurses but would like some input on what might be happening. I hope its not peritonitis but then again, im not sure what thats suppose to feel like. I have no pain other than during the drain process and my treatment output is clear. I do hope to get this figured out, i would like my sleep. Thanks.

This is probably no help but I’m on perinatal dialysis too I’m on four cycles at night and been on it for about 4 months and a lot of times when I do get pain it’s on my bottom right side the opposite side of the catheter kind of like where your appendix would be but I’ve asked and they say it’s normal so I don’t know what the answer is

It sounds like the catheter is suctioning up against something in there. I’ve had patients say it feels like being punched directly in that spot. Catheter might be in a weird position, it might be obstructed by some intestine (if there is any chance of constipation that’s definitely high on the list of possible causes). If you’re mostly empty at the time that it happens you can try to pinch off the line (that will stop the suction) and get back into a fill-cycle (as long as the machine lets you-- it depends on drain volume to prevent overfill. Your nurse may have some extra tricks. If you’re in severe pain, know how to stop and safely disconnect. You can manually drain with gravity if need-be. If it’s continuing, they might want to check the catheter position.