Pain in abdomen after 10 days of PD catheter removal

My PD catheter was removed on 22/07/2019 because not giving good outcome and so now I am completely on in center HD (3times/wk).

After the Cather removal, everything was ok and not much pain and so the next day I got discharged from the hospital and attending to regular HD.

But today i.e. 2/8/2019 I started feeling pain in the abdomen (a bit high) feeling bit difficult to breathe. Also fever 100ā„ƒ

When I met with my doctor, they gave 1gm paracetamol IV + pan injection.
And told me that the pain can be due to the adjustment of adhesions and their healing process.

If it so, my Doubt is why such pain / low grade fever was not there immediately after the Cather removal? Why it is developed only today I.e after about 10days?

One more thing to mention here is that I have not been prescribed any antibiotics after the Catheter removal (my doc said, since it not removed on infection, antibiotics are not needed).

Please advice, is the pain & fever after 10 days is normal? Should I go for any other further investigations?

Pain alone would be one thing, but having a fever could indicate an infection. Iā€™d ask your doctor to draw blood and check it for signs of infection, such as elevated white blood cell count ASAP.