Pain in back all day

My husband was on peritoneal dialysis for 3 months with no problems. The lastb3 months have been very difficult. He gets excriciating back pain all day. The pain can be anywhere in his lower, middle , upper back. He has sharp pains that are debilitating

Does your husband have PKD? PKD can cause side or back pain. Does he do manual (CAPD) exchanges or is he using the PD cycler overnight while sleeping? Some people report drain pain and the PD catheter can move out of place causing pain. With CAPD, carrying 2 liters of fluid in the belly during the day can shift the body’s alignment causing pain. Then again, it’s possible that your husband’s back pain is unrelated to PD. I’d suggest he report his pain (frequency, severity, when it happens, what if anything relieves it, etc.) to his home training nurse, nephrologist and/or primary care doctor. It’s important to get this pain evaluated so the cause can be identified and treatment started to relieve the pain.