Parathyroid issues with kidney failure/dialsysis

parathyroid levels through the roof. now they want to remove parathyroids and implant in arm anyone else had this issue or this surgery?

There are several ways to manage bone health when someone has kidney disease or kidney failure. Surgery is considered a last option when diet, medication and more dialysis haven’t helped. Have you tried those other ways to manage your calcium, phosphorus, and PTH? The National Kidney Foundation has information on secondary parathyroidism (secondary means the parathyroidism is due to another condition, like kidney disease).

There are 4 parathyroids. I have known some patients who had most of their parathyroid glands removed from their neck and placed under the skin in their arm. Calcium levels can fall after this surgery so it’s important for the doctor to monitor and treat as needed. I found this patient education site describing the surgery. It’s written at a higher level than I’d like to see, but may give you some questions to ask your doctor and/or surgeon.

I had this surgery a few years ago. It was the best thing I ever did. I still believe the awful itching was coming from something associated with the PTH issue. The drugs maybe, I don’t know. The Sensipar made me violently ill. Hectorol, Zemplar, Calcitriol all raised my calcium, but did not lower the PTH. The surgery itself was a piece of cake. Two nights in the hospital. Lots of intravenous calcium there. Came home with lots of Calcitriol for awhile. Now I have no itching. I use tums for binders. Although now on NHHD I don’t need them. Just take them for calcium supplements. PTH is a little low now, of course. This is my experience. Everyone has a different situation. Good luck.

It is important to have an experienced surgeon. Mine was done by a transplant surgeon who does this type of surgery a lot for kidney patients other than transplant.

I had transplant surgeon also. In hosp 6 days. Low calcium. Now on calciterol and lots of tums

Started calciterol again and taking 20 tums a day. Hoping blood work looks good. Not a bad surgery

Hi Esrip Did you have the arm implant? Hope your calcium will soon stabilize.

Yes. Implanted the smallest one