Past webinars

In trying to listen to past webinars, some come in clear and some break up. Would this be a problem on my end or on yours?

Hi Jane,
Probably ours–it’s been really hard to get good audio. If you happen to remember which ones were good and which ones were bad, that would help us, because some we recorded ourselves and some we had the webinar folks do. Which reminds me–I ordered the recording from the H1N1 session that BIll did and haven’t heard anything back from them. I’ll have to get on that.

First chance I get I’ll listen to the beginning of each one and let you know which ones break up. Also, can you find out if on my end I would have to have various programs installed and up to date to hear the recordings clearly? Part of the problem may be on my end. Like with one of the most recent webinars, I know I heard it clearly the day of the webinar, but the recording of it is breaking up. So, the problem might not be all on your end. Another thing I noticed is the chat portion is so small it is not readable.

You shouldn’t need anything special on your end to listen. We can’t really keep the chat sized to be readable or the files would be even more ridiculously huge than they already are. :slight_smile:

Checked webinars for clearness. Starting with the most recent webinar and working down:

  1. breaks up chat is too small
  2. clear chat text is ok
  3. breaks up chat is too small
  4. static at first but clears up chat ok
  5. Echo at first but clears up chat ok
  6. says no recording available
  7. clear chat ok

The webinars that broke up were on the same format whereas the others were on a different format.