Patient Recruitment

What do you think clinics should do to convince more patients to do PD?

I think we really need to look at PD has a first line therapy and not the last resort as in some cases. A great education program would help to convince some of these patients to take some ownership in their therapy. The more the patient understands their choices the better chance you have to get them on PD. In some cases the patients are not even given a choice because the medical professsional prefers Hemo. This goes back to the early educationg of these patients to make a sound choice in what is best for them and their families not what is best for the medical professional. Patinet Education,Education,Education.

I think the best way to convince other patients is by example and education…other patients won’t be convinced that easily by a non-patient BUT most likely by another patient using it.

One idea is to hold an education day for patients, families and friends…and on that meeting people using PD can share their experiences with potential patients…an education day is alot better than just handing out a flyer or pamphlet…


Gus, I have to agree with your ideas and thoughts. I also think that the the physcians should be a part of this equation,too. When a patients gets a vote of confidence from their physiscian it goes a long way in helping that patient feel good about choosing PD.

Best way is to have the prospect meet a current PD patient. Also, be sure you advise the patient of some of the pitfalls of an HD fistula (frequent need for multiple fistulas), the possible need for a thrombectomy, etc. I have a PD cath and it’s a small price to pay for not having a fistula.

I’d also suggest the prospect meet the PD patient outside the medical setting, and without any professionals present - that way, the patient can get an unfiltered opinion without any concern the PD patient is choosing “polite” descriptions to not offend the medical caregivers.

Choosing PD over HD was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

An awareness can give people more convenience to understand the need of PD.A Perfect education in health care can make more people of the serious issues ,so that they can choose a perfect help when required.