PD Adequacy rolling cart to get to dialysis clinic

My mom has been doing PD now for a year and I have to help her at times with many things like moving and opening the heavy boxes, organization, etc. BUT one of the toughest things is jerry-rigging something to take her PD Adequacy bags, which are SO heavy by themselves, back to the clinic every so often. We have tried rolling laundry baskets, and many other things and I have tried to research what is out there as well as ask the nurses at the clinics and there just doesn’t seem like such an invention exists (other than rolling coolers) to help get that heavy adequacy bags and its “cart”, into the car well or easily. It is just such a pain and difficult to lift into the car itself. I can’t imagine those who don’t have help and have to try and do this themselves. It is so hard for me to do and I am a healthy woman. Luckily, at the clinic, the nurses come out and take her bags from the car, but I would love to know what kind of rolling cart or trolley system others use to get it from the bedroom and up the 6-9" into the floor of the car to take it to the clinic when adequacy is needed from time to time. If you have a link to such a product I would appreciate it too. Thanks! Juli

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Sin in the kit I use a little roll on cooler with wheels they gave them in summer tj ax Marshall’s or sometimes I use a giant shopping bag I got from tj nax you pay like 1
1.99 coolers are like 19…99-29.99 but I told nurse how heavy it is she said you know. We don’t use the whole bag you can drain some out what? I can drain some out how talk to nurse first to see . Sometimes I can’t open it to drain it out if my hands cramping which they do . And I have fell the kt/v test to many times so I say to myself I’m bringing all the fluid . But again ask if you can drain some I gave new people at my dialysis center so I’m going to ask them again . I will see if I can find picture of cooler I’m talking about

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Picture like my rolling bag as I said you can get them at tj max Marshall when summer stuff isboutvRolling bag

Hi Pattypkd!
Thanks for your reply. I will definitely ask if we can drain some out and somehow just take that! That would be awesome! I wish the machine would as be able to filter it somehow and do the lab work of it so this whole process didn’t have to be done to bring in so much liquid.

Appreciate it and the photo!