PD after age 80

Is PD effective after age 80?

It’s not trick question. I have been on HD for 4 months and would like to go to PD so that I can be more mobile. I have been told by surgeon that did my fistula that PD was not effective after age 80 yet on this site and others I see people in their 80’s successfully on PD. I have found nothing on the internet that indicates that PD would not work after age 80.

I am 84 years old and only have one kidney, have high BP and diabetes, both under control and am otherwise healthy and active.

Why not check with different kidney doctor. I live in Surprise AZ and have Southwest Kidney and Davita for my PD and I’m 76.

There is no age limit for any dialysis option. The question is what, if any, abdominal surgeries have you had? Some don’t matter much but others may have created too much scar tissue for PD to work like it should. How well can you learn and follow instructions to keep yourself from getting an infection? There are other things to consider, but if your current doctor is closed-minded, as mmegee616 suggested, get a second opinion. Doing dialysis at home provides more flexibility and freedom and reduces the chances that you’ll catch something from someone else.

My husband will be 90, yes 90 next month. He is a very active person, golf, working out, etc.
He has been on PD almost 3 months and doing great.
His blood work is vastly improved in several areas…BUN being reduced from mid 50’s to 35.
He’s a different person from four, five, six months ago. I’m glad “we” are doing this!