PD alarms issue


I have a patient on Fresenius sleepsafe machine doing APD . His inflows are fine and outflow alarms 36 times a night . The alarm either says low flow state or check catheter . The catheter is in the proper position , but has not been sutured to the bladder … surprisingly when we try manual PD both inflow and outflow are amazingly great … the patient refuses manual PD .
Why is the Fresenius alarming so frequently
Why does it state Outflow problem , the catheter is in position and also no constipation or fibrin clots .
Is it time to try a Baxter machine as am having same problems with 3 Fresenius machines on the same patient here in abudhabi … is it a problem with its software ?


We had similar problems with the Baxter with maximum alarms at 11. Found that using Heparin 1:1000 made a big difference. Also found that if he filled laying down he emptied better. In addition if he turned when the alarm went off made a big difference - It wasn’t where he started but more that the move helped with collection. Right now we are set for an appointment to check the omentum and possible change to catheter. We also had two machines and tried multiple heights for the machine. I wonder how the patient is doing.