PD and nutrition

What is the most effective way to increase albumin and protein levels, besides improved diet?
Does anyone out there have a criteria for albumin levels when converting folks from hemo to pd?

I would talk to the dietician at the clinic to see what is the best way to manage albumin levels. They should be able to tell you what is a good number to maintain and how to maintain that level. I think there are some supplements on the market that are available also.

One can use protein powder supplements which can be mixed with any liquid or semi-solid foods, or use protein bars, or specific nutrition liquid supplements or a combination of all 3.

You might want to look at the NKF K/DOQI guideline for nutrition that was developed in 2000. You can find the whole guideline at http://www.kidney.org/professionals/kdoqi/guidelines_updates/doqi_nut.html.

The guideline for nutrition in PD can be found at http://www.kidney.org/professionals/kdoqi/guidelines_updates/nut_a16.html.

In our unit we are more frquently using Nutrineal (a Baxter product) and finding improved albumin levels after several weeks. I saw a jump of albumin in a patient recently from 22 to 37 in less than two months.