Pd and shoulder pain

Hi I just got a pd catheter on left side and now my right shoulder is hurting so bad.
They didnt give me any things to look for so should I be concerned or is this normal.
I hate taking pain pills and for this I was waiting for the time when I can take just to ease alittle of the pain…any help would be appreciated…thank you

Hi Piglets1,

I’m so sorry that you’re having shoulder pain after your PD catheter was put in. This can mean that some air got into your abdomen when the catheter was placed. Most often, it will go away on its own, but if you are in a lot of pain, call the PD nurse. It may be possible to use your catheter to put in some PD fluid, put you in Trendelenberg position (lying on your back with your feet higher than your head), and drain out some of the air that way.

Folks who have been through this may be able to tell you how long it lasts on its own.

thanks for the info It has been a week tomorrow and today was 1st day with no shoulder pain…
I did call dr (whose receptionist/nurse is down right nasty) so that didnt get anywhere…
I just dealt with it and was getting dressing changed tomorrow so would have just brought up then if still bothering me…thanks though it was good to know it was normal