PD and Showering & Stomach Sleeping Questions

I’m not yet on dialysis but have decided when my time comes to opt for PD. How do you shower and protect/cleanse the catheter area? I’m a stomach sleeper. Can you sleep on your stomach with the catheter at all?

You can shower with PD. You will remove your bandages before you go into the shower & take a couple of 4X4’s with you; you will then use 1 of the 4X4’s with an anti-bacterial soap and wash your exit site, then you will shower as normal and when done take the last 4X4 and repeat the exit sight cleansing with anti-bacterial soap. When you exit shower you will pat dry & apply ointment & bandage if necessary. Your PD nurse should go over all of this with you.

When I was on PD, I had the presternal cath & was able to sleep on my stomach - but I was never an “All night stomach person” so don’t know if that would make a difference or not.