PD Cath Cover Up

I know this has been brought up before, but I can not find it anywhere, So, I will ask. What are the ways to keep the PD Cath in your stomach covered when not in use. My 83 year old mother has been on the cycler for 1 week - and it is a whole lot better on her than the 5 exchanges per day. Still working with her to handle it herself. She has moved in with me until she can figure it out. But, her main problem now is what to do with the Cath when not in use.

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Here’s a thread that discusses several options:


This kind of question is exactly why we created our new Helpful Products Catalog! (http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/hpc/catalog.shtml.) There are two PD belts in our catalog already, and I expect that we’ll have more as it grows.

Please contact these companies and tell them where you heard about them.

I found the best thing to use was gauze and tape. I was using primapore non stick dressings but became allergic to them.
This is how I used to do it…
Place catheter in the position it wants to fall in, making sure its not pulling. Put one peice of tape over the catheter about an inch away from the exit site, and another peice just along from that. This is to anchor it down. Then put 3 gauze squares over the exit site, then put a small peice of tape on each corner of gauze to secure. Coil catheter around where it sits comfy and secure with tape. It also helps if you wear full breifs.
If unsure speak to your unit. They should have taught your mum how to dress it. Each catheter is different, so you may want to check with whoever is looking her Dialysis.

Hi! KWH,

I’ve been on PD for 7 months and I tried 2 kind of belt.My favorite one is from Stickman Industries Inc.They have 2 differents kind of material,mesh or regular.They’re very confortable and you don’t feel them.I wear them all day long.
I hope that this was helpfull.

Thanks for all the advise. We will “experiment” and see what happens. We did order from the company (Abdominalcathetersupport.com) listed on the “Helpful Products Catalog”, and I did let them know where I saw this information. I will let you know of “our” findings.


I have been on PD for two years now . I had trouble keeping the cathera from digging into my skin. Since I dislike anything around my middle, made a sock long enough to fit over the entiree tubing secruing it with PAPER TAPE - my skin is too sentive for other types. Hope this helps - good luck

Whatever you use you still have to make sure that the catheter is very well anchored/secured to you so it doesnt move or pull at the exit site.
I used to get trouble with it digging into me as well so I folded 2 peices of gauze seperately in half, and put it under the catheter just where it runs along near the exit site where it was rubbing. Then just put your anchor tape over the top. Another solution I found very helpful was to anchor it with 2 small round duoderm dressings. They were about the size of a 10 cent coin. You put one onto the skin where you anchor the catheter, place the tube over the top, then put another duoderm directly over the other one, with the tubing between. It held in place for about a week, which was good.

Thanks for this discussion. My dad has his catheter and I know it’s really bugging him. Unfortunately, the exit site is not at best location. He wishes it was either higher or lower. Also, when he sleeps, the belt he has and wears above the exit site, slips and then pulls the tube.
I’m looking to help him get something that works for sleep and during the day.
I will look into all your suggestions and welcome any others.
Thank you

In addition to the Helpful Products page on www.homedialysis.org, you might try using Google to search for PD belts. I found this one that was made by a spouse of a PD patient. It looks like it’s wider than some and it’s made of Lycra which might make it more comfortable. https://www.pdbelts.com/