Pd Catheter removed under local?

Anyone have their pd catheter removed under only local??
Mine HAS to come out and i am just tired of dr not listening…It has been in since Feb never used nothing going in nothing coming out and today i noticed a yellowish fluid in it with black clouds…
I am scared to wait anymore and just want ot walk into a dr office tomorrow and ask a dr to PLS take it out …any surgeon at this point just want it out …
If it can be removed under local instead of gen I am good but if I need general I have to get tons of medical clearance and can take a while …arghhh I am so fed up with this whole thing and drs!!

Where are you seeing the yellowish fluid with black clouds if fluid isn’t going in or coming out of your catheter? Have you reported this to your doctor? Have they done cultures of the fluid? Are you on antibiotics for any infection that you have acquired?

I would think that your nephrologist could arrange for you to have a surgeon remove the PD catheter at the same time you’re under whatever anesthesia they recommend for placement of a hemodialysis access. This is definitely a question to ask your nephrologist or surgeon.

Be sure to ask your nephrologist for a referral to a vascular surgeon who is experienced in creating hemodialysis accesses. [Ask who he/she would have create a vascular access in his/her spouse or child.] A fistula is preferred over a graft and a graft is preferred over a a hemodialysis catheter because of risk of infection, access problems, hospitalization, etc. I’d say if you need to do these procedures separately to have an excellent vascular surgeon create your access, I’d wait for the experienced vascular surgeon. People have a limited number of sites where a hemodialysis access can be placed so you want to have it done right the first time. If your kidney function is very low and you need dialysis right away, you may need to have a hemodialysis catheter. The renal community agrees that hemodialysis catheters should only be used for short-term emergency needs unless the person’s veins will not support a graft or fistula or if a transplant is imminent.

We worry about you so please please let us know what your nephrologist tells you.

Just because I dont have fluid going in or out doesnt mean there isnt slight fluid in the tube.

Has the nephrologist or surgeon seen the fluid in the tube?

HI Again the point of this post is just to find out
Can a pd catheter be removed while on local instead of general anesthia/?

Hi Piglets,

I did a literature search on that question, and the answer is I’m pretty sure (but not positive) this is possible. Even if the journal articles were more forthcoming about what type of anesthesia is used for PD catheter removal, it would still come down to the comfort level of your surgeon anyway. I can’t think of any reason offhand why it shouldn’t be possible to use a local, but I’m not a doctor or nurse. You’d certainly feel some tugging, even with a local, but it probably doesn’t take more than 15 minutes or so to remove a catheter. Your best bet is going to be to talk with your surgeon. Is your new doc working out better?

Hi Piglets,

My chest catheter was removed in the Doctors office with local freezing. Needle prick, burn, then numb. Wasn’t bad at all. Some tugging because it was put in well. Good luck.

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Are you even a PD Patient???
You have been responding to several posts with poor advice… For you info…YES the dr’s recommendation CAN HARM and DID HARM so you are clueless…
If you are NOT a pd patients what is your motive for responding ??
If you ARE I apologize but dont see any posts by you just poor advice continually given so I would think you are trying to ‘sell’ something and that is sad