PD Cycler Maintenance


Who is responsible for the maintenance (PM’s) on these machines? Is it the manufacturer or the dialysis clinic? How often do these machines have to have PM’s?
Thank you.


It depends on whether the patient signed up as Method I or Method II patient. If the patient is Method I, the clinic is responsible for providing support services, machine, and supplies and for making sure that the equipment operates as it’s supposed to. The clinic can do the maintenance itself or can contract with the manufacturer to maintain the equipment. If the patient is Method II, the clinic is only responsible for support services and the Method II supply company (DME) is responsible for making sure the equipment and supplies are as they should be, including maintaining the machine. A patient can change his/her Method by filling out a new ESRD Beneficiary Selection Form and the change will take effect the next January 1.


In case anyone reads this thread. As of January 1, 2011, there is no longer the option for Method II reimbursement from Medicare. Medicare only reimburses dialysis facilities for home dialysis equipment, supplies, and support from the home training nurse, dietitian, and social worker as well as certain labs and ESRD-related drugs under the ESRD prospective payment system (PPS).