PD Dialysis

Hello everyone,
I am on PD dialysis and have been for four years. I have been on the transplant list for five years. I am 32 years old and have been married for three years. I would like to know are there anyone who has had a transplant and has had children afterwards. Some people say children should be the less of my worries but after a tranplant I would like to have a close to normal life with kids.

I have known patients that have become pregnant or have fathered children after transplant. Doctors usually recommend that a female transplant recipient wait at least a year until the transplant is stable. You might want to read Module 11 on sexuality and fertility in Kidney School www.kidneyschool.org to find out more about having children on dialysis and post-transplant.

If you decide to get pregnant while you are still on dialysis rather than wait for a transplant, the more treatment you can get, the better. So, a combination of PD and HD, or a switch to 6 nights a week nocturnal home hemo would give you the best chance of having a healthy baby.

I took my PET exam this week, and now have to deciede on which brand cycler. I currently use the Fresenius extenstion set. Are there any big plues or minuses with either Baxter or Fresenius cyclers?

I’m told of a new cycler by Fresenius, but it’s not hit the market to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi You say you don’t know what cycler to use. I am using fresenius the newton I Q it has a card that keeps track of all your numbers. and its easy to learn. I love it. Good luck . virtsma