PD drainage bags and Septic tanks

I will be starting PD soon and my home has a septic tank. I was wondering what people do with the drainage bags that are full? I have heard emptying them into a shower or toilet that goes to a septic tank is bad. What other options are there?


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You could even dump them in the grass. It will fill up your tank fast at a normal prescription

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Yes, you can dump on the grass i was told its like excuse me for saying but just like Urination lol on ground :laughing: likes :+1:

Our septic pumping company said that it is fine to put the solutions into your sewer. It is also good for your gardens since it is sugar water, just watch for too many ants. I finally found someone near me that took some of the items that I had left, so less to dump outside.

If you mean the drainage bag itself, I’ve thrown them out before. If there is any blood in the bag, then it needs to be disposed of properly.

I’ve also heard that some people use them for a few days and then empty them into their toilet and flush them away. But I don’t know how well this would work for most people since our toilets aren’t really designed for this purpose.

Here’s a 2014 blog by an Australian nephrologist about draining HD and PD fluid into a septic system. ‘Poo and Goo’…Dialysis Effluent and the Septic Tank - Home Dialysis Central

I would definitely recommend throwing empty PD bags into trash in compliance with local rules and regulations that your home training nurse should know. I would definitely not flush a PD bag down a toilet into a sewer or septic system. I was advised by a plumber that some toilet paper will clog a sewer.