Pd dressings

For a PD catheter, do yall use a dressing to cover it? What do you cover it with for daily activities? Or do you cover it at all?

Hi Ashleigh:

When I had mine - I let it heal completely before I ever left it open. But once it healed, I would always determine what I’d be doing that day & judge by that. If I were just around home, with NO COMPANY - I didn’t bandage it, but if I were going to the nursing home for a visit, or visit the grandkids, go shopping, or even a trip to the doctors office - then it was covered (bandage) as you never know what germs are lurking around out there…& why take a chance.

Good luck! CJ

Hi Ashleigh

I am on PD for over seven months now and there is not a single day I had been without bandage. My nurses advised me to stick to it. Even with that, I seem to have caught some bacteria and had to go through a course of medicines.

Currently there is some flesh that has come out (I believe it is called proud flesh). Every day, after clean up, I apply gentamycin cream on that and put a bandage and then, cover it with a stickman belt (even if I am home), though I wish to keep it open and let it dry.